[Marxism] Randy Martin

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 29 21:14:35 MST 2015

I just heard that he died of brain cancer. He was 57 years old.

Randy was very involved with the left for many years, both as a 
professor and activist. Here is info from his page at NYU. Will supply 
more later on.

Randy Martin is professor of art and public policy and founder of the 
graduate program in arts politics. He is the author of Performance as 
Political Act: The Embodied Self; Socialist Ensembles:Theater and State 
in Cuba and Nicaragua; Critical Moves: Dance Studies in Theory and 
Politics; On Your Marx: Relinking Socialism and the Left; 
Financialization of Daily Life; and Empire of Indifference: American War 
and the Financial Logic of Risk Management. He has edited collections on 
U.S. Communism, sport and academic labor and, most recently, Artistic 
Citizenship: A Public Voice for the Arts (with Mary Schmidt Campbell) 
and The Returns of Alwin Nikolais: Bodies, Boundaries, and the Dance 
Canon (with Claudia Gitelman).

Dr. Martin holds degrees in sociology from the University of California, 
Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the City University 
of New York. He has studied, taught, and performed in dance, theater, 
and clowning in the United States and abroad. Previously, he served as 
professor and chair of social science at Pratt Institute, associate dean 
of faculty at Tisch School of the Arts, chair of the Department of Art 
and Public Policy, and as an editor of the journal Social Text.

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