[Marxism] Further on Greece and Ukraine

Roger Annis rogerannis at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 21:33:06 MST 2015

Alex Tsipras' views on the conflict in Ukraine were expressed last May when he met with leaders of Russia's Parliament during a visit of Syriza to Moscow. He voiced support for the right of people in the east of Ukraine to hold referendum on federalization (decentralization). He spoke against sanctions against Russia. And concerning the Maidan government that came to power in Kyiv in February, he said, "It is a regression for us to see fascism and the neo-nazis entering 
European governments again and for this to be accepted by the EU." 
All of this is ABC for any progressive worthy of the name and it should not be surprising that Greek progressives get it. The Greek people know something of imperialist war and fascists in government.

It is not up to the new Greek government to carry the can for progressive Europe concerning the war in Ukraine or the sanctions agasint Russia. Hopefully, it will do its part. Early signs are encouraging. More importantly, will progressive Europe do more of its part and not leave Greece with excessive expectations and responsibilities? This is part of the defense of the Syriza government  that is on  the agenda for progressive Europe.


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