[Marxism] Fwd: Anton Shekhovtsov's blog: Whither the Ukrainian Far Right?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 30 07:33:24 MST 2015

The problematic relationship between the Ministry of Inferior and the 
neo-Nazis is undermining the credibility of the newly formed Ukrainian 
government both internationally and domestically. It was most likely 
Avakov who suggested to Poroshenko to grant Ukrainian citizenship to 
Belarusian fighter of the Azov battalion Sergey Korotkikh who had been 
involved in the neo-Nazi movements in Belarus and Russia since the late 
1990s. Furthermore, under Avakov, the police in Kyiv have already proved 
unable or unwilling to investigate a number of hate crimes. In July, far 
right thugs – not necessarily associated with the PU – attacked four 
black people in the underground, a gay club and a Jewish student by a 
synagogue. The police initiated two criminal cases, but so far nobody 
has been prosecuted. In September, the head of the Visual Culture 
Research Centre Vasyl Cherepanyn was beaten apparently by far right 
activists, but the police failed to investigate this attack too. The 
police is also unwilling to address the issue with the tortures of 
political opponents inflicted by the neo-Nazi C14 group during the 
revolution in winter 2013-2014. There is no ground to believe that the 
infiltration of the far right into the police will contribute to the 
efficiency of its investigations in general and of the hate crimes in 


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