[Marxism] In solidarity with the Greek workers and people, against the imperialist blackmail

Celeste Murillo celeste.murillo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 06:25:49 MDT 2015

NO to the imperialist blackmail!
Drop Greece’s debt!
No to austerity!

International solidarity

The Greek people can’t win this fight alone, widespread international
solidarity is needed. European trade unions in many countries need to stop
their collaboration with imperialist parties and governments and call
instead for mobilisations to support the Greek people. European left
parties like Podemos, which take part in government coalitions in cities
like Madrid and Barcelona, should call for massive demonstrations on the
streets to show support to the Greek people; they should demand the
cancellation of the debt to their own imperialist countries.

We don’t support Syriza’s government and we warn that its campaign for the
"No" vote is aimed towards improving its position in the negotiations with
a plan of keeping the concessions already made during these last five

Our solidarity goes to the Greek workers and the Greek people, who are
again on the streets against this latest blackmail and who have shown a
great willingness to fight. They have led more than 30 general strikes and
work stoppages against the Troika’s austerity plans and the capitalist
governments like Pasok-New Democracy.

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