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Fri Jul 3 03:19:48 MDT 2015

Thanks JA, i think this is very good, good on politics of referendum,
good on politics of KKE.

They say:

"As long as the movement – which showed its strength at the huge rally
on Monday (three times larger than that the pro-YES rally on Tuesday)
– remains mobilized, the space for retreats and defections will be
limited. Should NO win, it will be very difficult for the government
to accept the troika proposal – but also to even present its own. But
even if the government dares to do so, then we will be talking about a
coup by Tsipras against the majority who voted for NO. It is certain
that the government will try to interpret the results as a mandate for
a new round of negotiations. They may even sign the shameful agreement
against the popular sentiment of July the 5th. We cannot think of any
way for this to pass in the same way in which they failed to pass it
now. Perhaps the shock caused by the closed banks and the fear for the
day after will help them. But this is not the time for speculations.
We are not interested in foreseeing the future; we are interested in
shaping it the way we want it in the heat of today’s battles. And the
battle that must be fought and won at the moment is the victory of

and at their site, they have video evidence for the assertion about
size of Monday rally.

The only other material on their site that i readily found in English
was on Ukraine.  Can't say i was impressed with that...

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 3:21 PM, ioannis aposperites via Marxism
<marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu> wrote:
> This is Communist Revolutionary Action an ex-Syriza group:
> "The declaration of the referendum puts an end – once and for all – to all
> the illusions about the “national negotiations” and all the myths about “the
> Greeks who join forces when faced with hostile foreign forces”. It has now
> been proven that the ruling class together with its courtyard is not willing
> to leave the national affairs at the hands of Tsipras – or anyone who may
> undermine its international relationships."
> full at:
> https://avantgarde2009.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/no-to-the-cancellation-of-the-referendum-no-until-the-end-proletarian-defence-against-the-bourgeois-sabotage/
> JA

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