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NO! No agreement – End the negotiations
OKDE-Spartakos [Greek section of the Fourth International]
June 28

The Greek government, despite its persistent efforts, failed to win
the confidence of the institutions (EU, IMF) and the favor or the
hegemonic bourgeois classes of Europe. The vows of loyalty to the
repayment of the debt “fully and timely” and the renunciation of
unilateral actions, as well as of any measure which would be contrary
to the capitalist normality, weren’t enough.

SYRIZA adopted ever more measures and reforms in full accordance with
the memoranda (privatizations, retirement age increases, de facto
reductions in wages and pensions, increasing VAT in mass consumption
products etc.). The EU and the IMF, however, along with their domestic
partners in Greece, don’t want just harsh measures, but they also want
to destroy any hope (and illusion) reflected in the election of a
government that was elected with the slogan of terminating the
memoranda, even if this slogan was withdrawn the very first day after
the elections.

Thus, the leadership of SYRIZA was at a dead end. Unable to sign its
political death sentence, that is to say an agreement so shameful that
would lead the party to the fate of the socialdemocratic PASOK of
George Papandreou, and under the pressure of the demands of the
workers’ movement, the government launched a referendum. We have no
illusions about the intentions or the ability of SYRIZA to conflict
with the interests of the capital and the capitalist institutions.
However, voting NO to the proposals of the troika, may open, under
appropriate conditions, a new round of political crisis of the system
that exploits and oppresses us.

In the following days, the traditional parties of the capital capital,
ND and PASOK, together with the ultra-neoliberal POTAMI, which
altogether react fiercely to any taxation of corporate profits and of
large incomes and demand even lower wages, will start ranting, in any
way possible, about the alleged disaster that a rejection of the
proposal of the institutions will bring. They will blackmail bluntly,
brandishing the alleged disaster of an exit from the euro-zone. The
working class, however, has already experienced the real disaster:
austerity and capitalist aggressions. The working class cannot and
should not be terrified, because they have nothing substantial to lose
by capital controls or by a general crisis in the euro-zone. On the
contrary, when capitalism, the system that exploits us, shakes, we are
preparing for battle. What will give us a rupture with the EU and the
IMF is confidence and will for struggle, not despair and fear.

This rupture cannot be made merely by voting. Neither the elections
could not have been the magic solution to get rid of austerity, nor
can it be the referendum. The next few days should find us in the
streets, so as to confront the reactionary, pro-capitalist gatherings
like “We stay in Europe”, but also so as to ensure that there is real
rupture, and that the referendum will not be just a negotiating
maneuver of Tsipras and the leadership of SYRIZA. Besides, let’s not
have any illusion: if it weren’t for the mass mobilizations, not only
the recent ones but, mainly, those of all previous years, there would
be no jam with the institutions and the memoranda would proceed

Our NO to the proposals of the troika is in no way a vote of
confidence to the government of SYRIZA – ANEL. Besides, their own
proposals, the text of the 47 pages and the amendments made
afterwards, are also totally unacceptable and represent a new
memorandum, maybe a little bit more mild, but including new cuts and
privatizations. Actually, in certain issues, the proposals of the
government are even more reactionary than those of the institutions:
defending armament programs, preservation of the tax breaks for
shipowners. We will say NO to these proposals as well, with our

On Sunday, July 5 we vote NO.

NO: so as to open the rift, and not to begin a new round of negotiations

NO: in the streets and not only in the ballot

NO: to this and to every agreement

NO: overall to the euro-zone, the EU and the IMF, and not just to
their proposals

NO: to the Troika, but also to any other administrator of the same system

OKDE-Spartakos CC

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