[Marxism] response to Galbraith

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 22:59:53 MDT 2015

I thought the most interesting point about the Galbraith articles was the
stance he took.  He is close to Varoufakis. His attitude was that of the
pro-European moderate who fears what a defeat for Tsirpas and Varoufakis
means.  He characterizes them as the last of the pro-European Left and
their defeat will mean they will be replaced by a European hating Left or
even a Far Right.

I agree that Tsirpas and Varoufakis are moderates.  But what Galbraith does
not seem to contemplate is that Merkel, Gabriel Lagarde, and Hollande are
genuine extremists leading the party of the extreme center that Tariq Ali
talks about..

They cannot be negotiated with.  Only their total defeat can move Europe
and humanity forward.

Not to recognize this was the fundamental mistake that Syriza have made.

In all mo years of observing politics, I am struggling to come up with a
parallel crisis, when the naked savagery of the bourgeoisie was there for
all to see.  Perhaps the Pinochet coup which heralded in the neo-liberal
era is the clearest parallel.

A defeat for Syriza in the referendum and then the emergence of another
government in Athens would be a serious setback.  But, unlike with Allende,
it would not mean that the Left had suffered a historic defeat.  Not yet.



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