[Marxism] London 'Pride' march: LGBT, incorporation and commodification

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 00:46:12 MDT 2015

Each year, when the Pride march in London comes around, the claims that it
has become commercialised and separated from its roots get stronger. This
year was no different, with the movement becoming more splintered than ever
– the divisions are clearer between its traditional left support and the
newer, corporate-sponsored wing. There has been a concerted effort over the
last decade to incorporate some forms of gay identity, but that process is
partial, and incomplete, because, despite everything that has changed, the
LGBT ‘community’ is hardly homogeneous.

That was certainly in evidence on the June 27 march, and in the arguments
that swirled around it. There was an altercation with the Pride board over
the UK Independence Party’s gay section, LGBT Ukip. Pride originally
invited the group to attend, only to retract the offer because of “health
and safety concerns” when there were so many complaints. Whilst the Ukip
leadership is formally for gay equality, so many of its members have come
out with homophobic statements that the idea of a Ukip LGBT section faintly
seems ridiculous. And, of course, Ukip has such horribly reactionary
policies on a whole range of issues, not least immigration.
The darker side of the incorporation of gay identity into the mainstream
has been the small but real rise of what has been dubbed
‘homo-nationalism’: that is to say, the use of gay symbols and tolerance of
LGBT people to promote. . .

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