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For some reason, I hit no paywall, even though I have no subscription. 
Opened first time. Are there any "copyright" issues with me sending the 
text to the list? Or otherwise ask me off-list.

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Hitting the pay wall every time. Shame because I am trying to pay 
to what the thoughtful bourgeois commentators are saying.  There has to 
intense traffic behind the scenes.  We are fed rubbish in the main 
but occasionally a serious article appears.

The Guardian had an article saying that thus all could be the Eurozone's
Sarajevo moment, when the great powers stumbled into WW1. I think the
analogy is false and the history bad, but what I took out from that was 
idea of a fear of losing control was setting in within bourgeois ranks.

Another significant item (I thought) was that the Americans forced the 
to release the paper which substantially supports Syriza's position.
Certainly Tsirpas seized upon this.

There was also talk in the Guardian that this crisis could be another
Lehman Brothers moment.  My reaction to that is "Who knows?" and that is
precisely the point. Uncertainty is bad for the famous "animal spirits" 
the ruling class.

Then the Guardian editorialized about this being the worst of all 
outcomes.  A Yes vote would mean that the Bureaucrats in Europe had
succeeded in binging down a government. And that could turn out to be a
Pyrrhic Victory. Destroying the pro-European Left, as Galbraith pointed
out, would lead to a very uncertain future.

Finally there is some suggestion that the leading thug Shauble might be
blinking. He mumbled something about not leaving the Greek people in the
lurch. If the Guardian's interpretation of what he has to say is 
then he has been got at; possibly by the Americans.

So what to make of all this?  I keep thinking of the Barthes' article 
he discusses "ex-nomination".  That is an ugly word but basically what 
was saying was that the capitalists had succeeded in getting names for 
removed from public language.  Only we old lefties talk about the 
class" and when we do eyes glaze over everywhere. My students, who 
loved me, used to giggle affectionately at Old Gary ranting again.

I am also reading, with a friend, Walter Benjamin on Language as Such. 
very mystical but he too talks about a language that names and brings
things into being. So what has all this to do with the price of bread?

Well my take on the Greek crisis is that the neo-Keynesian Left (eat 
heart out, Gary), are partly responsible for a situation where the 
of capitalism have been named.  This is because Syriza has campaigned 
for soviets but against austerity and so have struck a great chord with
millions throughout Europe.

As a consequence the capitalists are out there in all their frightful
thuggery and ugliness.  And they are elements among them who are quite
unhappy at being there and being named. There has to be anger in 
circles at the intransigence of the Germans who have brought us to this

It is Sunday morning now, here in Brisbane. May the winds of change that
are blowing in Athens turn out to be a tornado and sweep away the powers
that be.


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