[Marxism] The Greek working class overwhelmingly rejects austerity

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 18:07:08 MDT 2015

The proletariat won a victory today in greece.
In spite of the terror crusade of the bourgeois parties and EU officials
In spite of Syriza's ambivalence about the referendum: till Wednesday it 
was unclear whether the referendum was to take place or not.
In spite of Tsipras letter to the troika begging for any compromise and 
the declarations of retreat by top government officials, talking again 
about a deal as soon as in 48 hours after the referendum!

The level of the greek working class was too high for the referendum. 
The victory was visible in the streets: Working class people were asking 
for more NO leaflets for their friends.
I had phone calls at home from people i just knew who were asking 
questions about the no vote. It is the first time in my militant life 
since 1977 that the masses were looking for me to hear my opinion and 
not me for them.

And we in ANTARSYA had the right thing to say. It was us who have 
something to say about the next day. People were asking us because 
nobody could take seriously syriza's bullshit about restarting the 
negotiations. We were the only political force speaking out a clear no 
to memoranda, whether right wind or left wing here and now. No,  till 
the end was our banner and that is the meaning of the vote

It is now clear enough that Tsipras wanted a stalemate result, a shy no 
vote to struggle for its government's survival. And that he had dared 
call for a referendum because of the hesitation and ambivalence of the 
greek bourgeoisie who refused to sacrifice capital (in tourism and 
pharmaceutics industry and, above all, in shipping industry) refused to 
see itself slipping down in the imperialist chain.
But OXI, no got a 61,3% of the vote and that had already a seismic effect.
Samaras resigned from his party's presidency. He could not even wait 
until the election of a new leader.
KKE has lost at least two thirds of his January votes. Many of its 
members and cadres were overtly for the no vote. This is more than 
crossing the Rubicon for a Stalinist CP.
The government is steping  aside, hiding itself behind the bourgeois 
parties.Late this night Tsipras declared that he will ask president 
Pavlopoulos to convene the council of the political leaders which will 
decide about the eventual negotiations. Decide with whom? With ND's 
transitional president since Samaras resigned. With the lords of terror, 
the bourgeois leaders who for a whole week were repeating "Armageddon" 
in every single phrase, who till yesterday were chanting that voting NO 
means NO to EU and euro and today have no shame to declare that after 
all, the NO vote of the people does NOT at all mean a rejection of the 
EU and euro.

The class struggle is getting really acute here, and this is not a third 
world country...


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