[Marxism] The Greek working class overwhelmingly rejects austerity

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A wonderful result indeed Gary. Now for the hard work. 


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Agreed totally. I confess to thinking the YES camp would win. But this is
just wonderful news. The working class vote was up to 90% NO.
Decisiveness on the part of the people won the day. I particularly enjoy
recalling Alan Kohler's prediction of a YES as he cl;aimed there was no
He can shove his no alternative now.
I will be so bold as to predict a retreat by Merkel and co. If they do not
deal with Tsirpas and Varoufakis, then they may have to deal with someone a
lot tougher.
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> There is joy in the streets of Greece that echoes in my heart. Thank you
> to the working class in Greece. You have restored hope for humanity.
> http://enpassant.com.au/2015/07/06/the-greek-working-class-overwhelmingly-rejects-austerity/
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