[Marxism] The Greek working class overwhelmingly rejects austerity

Sheldon Ranz sranz18 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 23:56:31 MDT 2015

>The class struggle is getting really acute here, and this is not a third
> world country...

...and there is no proof that Tsipras is some sort of sell-out, your claims
notwithstanding.  All along, Tzipras' offer of concessions was a bluff.  He
knew that the Troika would reject them, so he 'offered' them knowing that
the Troika's arrogant rejection of them would galvanize the Greek
electorate into giving him a majority during the ensuing referendum.
Getting a majority was crucial since Syriza itself won less than a majority
during its initial election victory.

Unlike Obama, Tzipras is the true master of three-dimensional chess! He
doesn't do stalemates.

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