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Mon Jul 6 00:28:43 MDT 2015

Dear Friends,

I am writing to introduce you to LeftWord Books, a Marxist and Left publishing house based in New Delhi. LeftWord is not a new press. We began in 1999. We have a considerable backlist, which includes authors such as Aijaz Ahmad, Prabhat Patnaik, Utsa Patnaik, Irfan Habib, Prakash Karat, A. G. Noorani, G. P. Deshpande and others.

Our website (mayday.leftword.com) is a premier site for the sale of left and progressive books from India published by LeftWord and by those in our community of independent small presses - such as Tulika, Navayana, Stanza, Aakar and others.

I wanted to introduce you to some of our new titles:

(1) From India to Palestine: Essays in Solidarity, edited by Githa Hariharan. Electronic Intifada said of this collection, "To understand how India shifted from being a bulwark against imperialism to allying itself with western interests, one can gain a great deal of insight from this book. Fascinating." http://mayday.leftword.com/view-book.php?slug=from-india-to-palestine&isbn=9789380118208.

(2) A. Mangai, Acting Up: Gender and Theatre in India, 1979 Onwards. This is a landmark study of theatre and gender, art and social activism. There is simply no book with its range and depth. http://mayday.leftword.com/view-book.php?slug=acting-up&isbn=9789380118055.

(3) Vijay Prashad, No Free Left: the Futures of Indian Communism. The Hindu says of this book, "Vijay Prashad's commanding knowledge of the material...his passion for the subject and his meticulous research combine to show that for the left,new tomorrows await." http://mayday.leftword.com/view-book.php?slug=no-free-left&isbn=9789380118277.

(4) Rosa Luxemburg, Reform or Revolution, with a fine introduction by Brinda Karat. http://mayday.leftword.com/view-book.php?slug=reform-or-revolution&isbn=9789380118246.

We, at Leftword, welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Vijay Prashad.
Chief Editor, LeftWord Books.

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