[Marxism] On Tsirpas

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 00:36:31 MDT 2015

Hi Sheldon, greetings from Down Under and thank you for your comment.

Sheldon wrote
"and there is no proof that Tsipras is some sort of sell-out, your claims
notwithstanding.  All along, Tzipras' offer of concessions was a bluff.  He
knew that the Troika would reject them, so he 'offered' them knowing that
the Troika's arrogant rejection of them would galvanize the Greek
electorate into giving him a majority during the ensuing referendum.
Getting a majority was crucial since Syriza itself won less than a majority
during its initial election victory."

Well I hope you are right Sheldon.  My analysis was based on the offer
Tsirpas made at the last minute.  Mind you I was heavily influenced by the
Guardian headline which said "Tsirpas climbs down".  Also, Galbraith hinted
that Tsirpas sidelined Varoufakis and put more concession minded
negotiators in charge.

If the Troika had accepted his last minute offer, then that would have
destroyed him and his party and demoralized the people.  A hell of a
bluff, I would call that. But maybe you have access to more information
than myself.  In any case, this is a victory for the people.  And that is
what we must now concentrate on.



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