[Marxism] Fwd: Guardian red-baits Syriza, plays "free speech" card

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Wed Jul 8 11:59:13 MDT 2015

Subject: Guardian red-baits Syriza, plays "free speech" card

Deja vu all over again.
Same as the bogus charges against Chavez, the Sandinistas -- oh hell, you
know the list: every populist and socialist regime gets this abusive
Of course some of Washington's supposed enemies, like Assad, actually DO
trample on free speech, but that's not what's going on here: clearly
Tsipras is justifiably checking abuses by capitalist-owned media.
Two, three, many ERTs [the government-owned TV station occupied by workers]!

>From the Guardian
 *Over in Athens there is mounting concern that freedom of speech has begun
to pay a heavy price as the crisis deepens.*
Our correspondent Helena Smith reports
Is the Greek media being one-sided or are bodies attached to prime minister
Alexis Tsipras’ leftist-led administration deliberately trying to silence
the press? In a country feeling the social spasms that come with economic
free-fall, that is the question now being asked as prominent TV anchors
faced investigation for allegedly favouring the ‘yes’ campaign in Sunday’s
Private channels (many owned by the oligarchal elite and other business
interests) have been accused by the state-run media watchdog and the Union
of Journalists and Athens daily newspapers (ESIEA) of purposefully
cultivating a climate of fear and breaching electoral law in the run up to
Sunday’s vote.
Nine anchors, household names in a nation now addicted to TV news
broadcasts, have been told to appear before the disciplinary committee of
ESIEA to answer allegations that the government-backed ‘no’ campaign was
deliberately frozen out of programming. ESIEA’s governing board is now
dominated by Syriza sympathisers; so too is the judiciary which has also
launched an inquiry into the claims.
“In 2009 we missed the big story,” said Paschos Mendrevlis, who has been
widely vilified for his commentary in the conservative daily, Kathimerini.

 “We failed to see that the crisis was coming. Now journalists are asking
the right questions, sometimes there is exaggeration but they are basically
saying ‘look something is wrong, very wrong’ and for that they are being
punished, deliberately hounded and silenced.”

The claims have lead to howls of protests that along with the economy
democracy is now also at stake. Highlighting those concerns Kathimerini
felt fit to write in its editorial today.

 “The regime mentality that has evolved in certain centers of power is
cause for grave concern and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a
real threat to democracy and everything it holds truth.”

For its part, Syriza – many of whose members hail from the pro-Soviet KKE
communist party – says it is being deliberated by the apparatus of a rotten
political elite determined to oust the leftists from power.


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