[Marxism] Syriza MP: It's Time to Take Over the Banks, now!

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Wed Jul 8 17:16:28 MDT 2015

The referendum was merely Act 1. 

The EU leadership and much of the left appear clueless as to what it means that the polarization of Greek society is gathering momentum.

The Greek working class stood up, came on stage, and carried the vote, along with help from small farmers and shopkeepers in regions outside the urban centers.  Having felt and seen their own power, they will not easily be stuffed back into passivity.  Too late for that.  They are now beginning to act for themselves.

The Greek capitalist class, backed by the EU, united in opposition to a No vote.

If the Syriza regime now tries to force an acceptance of more poverty and misery, by agreeing to some new EU austerity plan, in defiance of the vote, and the mobilized class that won it, there will be a demonstration of how an aroused working class takes a fight away from parliament and into the streets and workplaces.  And into the Greek army.

Is that a certainty?  Of course not.  Is that a probability?  For sure.

The splintering or collapse of the Syriza regime, caught now between pressure from below and pressure from above, and/or the collapse of Greek economic relations in the financial sphere, will tend to move events in the same direction, whether or not some new EU plan is accepted by the regime. 

That is what the left has described in the past as a pre-revolutionary situation, although it would appear that few have a clue now about the direction in which events are tending.

Should the Greek general staff, some of whom have political ties to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, attempt a military solution, they will bring on revolutionary class warfare.  What Greek soldiers do then will be decisive.

Hopefully, there are forces in Greece who do see the material reality of what is before their eyes, and are preparing accordingly, inside and outside of the Greek armed forces.


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>JAY: Now, you're a member of parliament. You've been writing columns
>in the Guardian. What are you advocating now? In this moment, what
>should Syriza's next steps be?
>LAPAVITSAS: Let's think here about a number of things. The strategy of
>Syriza before the election, and for most of its time in government,
>has been to achieve radical change in Greece and a new relationship
>with the lenders, solving the macroeconomic problems of the country
>within the Eurozone. The argument was if we negotiate hard, if we use
>democratic weapons that we've got in our hands, we will achieve a
>better settlement for the Greek people. This strategy has come to an

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