[Marxism] Leaders Of Europe's New Left Rejoice As Greeks Vote 'No'; support Greece

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Leaders Of Europe's New Left Rejoice As Greeks Vote 'No'
by Angela Mauro
Huffington Post, July 7

ATHENS, Greece -- “Syriza’s fight is our fight. If Syriza loses, we
all lose ...”

Martina Anderson is a distinguished Irishwoman: tall, blond and a
member of the European Parliament who represents the Sinn Fein party.
She is at Syriza’s offices in Athens with the other representatives of
the left from various European countries, including Podemos from
Spain; Nichi Vendola and his followers from the Italian Left Ecology
Freedom party; Stefano Fassina and Alfredo D'Attorre from the Italian
Democratic Party; the left of the French Socialist Party; Paolo
Ferrero of the Communist Refoundation Party; Marisa Matias, the
Portuguese MEP of the Left Block; Raffaella Bolini, who represents
ARCI (The Italian Cultural and Recreational Association); as well as
Maurizio Landini’s Social Coalition, and Luciana Castellina of the
Communist party.

Anderson has brought an Irish flag with her; she likes to display it
in every photo with her European “comrades,” as they call each other
here. They are the sundry left of the Old Continent, reunited in
Athens to shout "Oxi!” during the referendum announced by Alexis
 . . .
...Even the Italians are lauding the victories here that they do not
have in their own country. “Renzi should come to Athens to learn two
fundamental things: that there simply is no Europe without democracy,
and that the left without social justice is nothing but a house of
cards,” Vendola says, referring to Italian Prime Minister Matteo
 . . .

Greece’s Fight is for Democracy in Europe.
That’s Why We Must Support It
by Owen Jones
The Guardian, July 6
 . . .
But this revolt was about something much bigger, and that is why
Greece remains in great danger. This is about the very nature of the
European Union itself. The European project was founded in the rubble
of a war of annihilation, genocide and totalitarianism. It was
intended to secure peace, prosperity and democracy for the people of
Europe. This dream has become something of a nightmare for a growing
number of Europeans. A democratic deficit is unaddressed. The
Transatlantic Treaty Investment Partnership is negotiated in secret
with large corporations, conspiring to give them the power to sue
elected governments in secret courts to try to stop policies they
believe hit their profits. The EU treaty negotiated in 2011
effectively forbade any future eurozone government from pursuing an
expansionary fiscal policy. Other treaties and directives enshrine
free-market dogma in law. Austerity is mindlessly implemented across
the eurozone with terrible human consequences: in Spain, too, around
half of young people are out of work.

Syriza [is] a revolt against this Europe of austerity and corporate
power, in favour of a democratic, socially progressive Europe. Podemos
in Spain is part of this revolt, as is Sinn Féin in Ireland. If the
referendum had produced a yes, then it would have represented a
potentially terminal defeat for this gathering pan-European revolt.
Instead, it has now been emboldened. Unfortunately the EU elites are
not stupid, and realise this. They fear – justifiably – that if Syriza
is seen to win concessions, the rebellion will spread...

But the EU is in a genuine bind. If Greece is ejected from the
eurozone, the currency is no longer an indivisible union and a
precedent will be set for the ejection of its members. If the ECB
abandons Greece, the eurozone’s reputation will not recover. This is
why Greece has bargaining power in its quest for debt relief and for
an abandonment of austerity that has already ravaged the country. The
EU still wishes to make an example of the country: by forcing Syriza
to implement policies that will destroy the government, by making “the
economy scream” (to quote Henry Kissinger) until it is ejected from
office, or even a disastrous default and removal from the eurozone. It
may still succeed. And that is why Greece desperately needs support.
   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
Owen Jones is a columnist and the author of Chavs: The Demonisation of
the Working Class and of The Establishment – And How They Get Away
With It

As the people say NO!, Support Greece Now
[Greece Solidarity Campaign <http://greecesolidarity.org>]

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,

        Many of you have asked how to support the people of Greece as
they defy the dictates of the elites of Europe. Yesterday we received
the appeal below from "Solidarity for All," the grassroots movement
that has sustained people during the grinding imposed austerity of
recent years. You may have heard about Solidarity for All's tremendous
work sharing food, medical care, and social dignity in Greece during
its U.S. tour in June, sponsored by several Greece solidarity groups
including CPD. Your help is especially critical now that the
confrontation with the Troika has come to a head.

       Please give as generously as you can, and invite your union,
anti-war organization, religious or social justice group to do the
same. Note "Solidarity for All" on your check made out to Campaign for
Peace and Democracy, and send it to us at Campaign for Peace and
Democracy, 2808 Broadway, #12, New York, NY 10025. If you are donating
by PayPal, send us an email at cpd at igc.org so we earmark your
contribution as being in response to this appeal from Greece.

In peace and solidarity,
Joanne Landy and Tom Harrison
Co-Directors, CPD



Dear friends,

We would like wholeheartedly to thank you for your touching solidarity
and the high levels of mobilization that did not leave the Greek
people, not even a minute, alone in the fight against the blackmails,
lies and terror.

The victory of NO has sent a clear and defiant message altering the
landscape of our common struggles. Those who pillage our lives and
ignore the will of the people cannot ignore us any more. Now, either
they listen to us or they stay naked of any “democratic” disguises may
yet carry, revealing their true nature and interests.

The next day brings a further escalation of the confrontation with the
creditors and their political gangs and we do not expect them to back
down easily. We know only too well that we deal with conditions of a
developing economic and social war and we have to fight fierce battles
together. The grassroots solidarity movement already prepares for the
next round of resistance in the difficult ground of imposed capital
controls, financial straggling, further recession and humanitarian

We ask you now, more than ever, to stand by our side, by the side of
the Greek society by developing as soon as possible concrete and
material solidarity campaigns.

Donations and crowd funding campaigns for food and medical aid,
personal hygiene goods, baby formula, diapers and stationary, are
among the most pressing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us should
you need more information and/or ideas.

The ability of Greek people to live with dignity is fundamental in
order to counter the enforced asphyxiation and maintain its courage
and resistance. Together we can materialise the decisive NO of the
Greek people as the big YES  was for a different society in another

Solidarity for All
July 7, 2015

Note "Solidarity for All" on your check made out to Campaign for Peace
and Democracy, and send it to us at Campaign for Peace and Democracy,
2808 Broadway, #12, New York, NY 10025. If you are donating by PayPal,
send us an email at cpd at igc.org so we earmark your contribution as
being in response to this appeal from Greece.

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