[Marxism] [UCE] Re: another Antarsya view on post-referendum Greece; Paul Mason on establishment referendum repression

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 06:19:53 MDT 2015

> [My understanding is that the views of the FI are not necessarily
> strictly those of its member organization in Greece, OKDE-Spartakos
> which is part of Antarsya, partly because the FI maintains a friendly
> working relationship with the ISO of the U.S. which is connected with
> the DEA (Internationalist Workers Left) which is part of the Red
> Network and the Left Platform within Syriza. dayne]
There is a certain tension between OKDE-Spartakos and the FI. It looks 
like as if the FI had more in common with "Kokkino", and after their 
fusion, with DEA (an "observer" organization) than with its own section 
namely OKDE-Spartakos.
Back in 2012 there had been an open disagreement between the two: 

What is noteworthy about this last statement of the FI is that this passage:

"the European Union and its institutions are not a neutral space or 
framework. They are political constructions, organized by the 
capitalists in order to escape from any popular control in the 
implementation of their interests. This construction will not be 
reformed. It is illusory to seek to conduct an alternative policy while 
accepting the sovereignty of these autocratic institutions."

can be hardly match with this one, from the same statement:

"The success of the "no" is obviously presented outside of Greece as a 
"no to Europe" in order to obscure in the eyes of the people of Europe 
its political significance: it is a “no” to austerity policies."

which on the contrary is closer to this one from the common statement of 
the greek political leaders council on last Tuesday:

"The recent vote of the Greek people in the referendum does not 
constitute a mandate to break away from the Euro zone, but a mandate to 
continue and strengthen the effort for attaining a socially just and 
economically viable agreement"

Given that
1. The bourgeois parties together with the EU apparatus were, for a 
whole week, telling, shouting, yielding to us, that 'Yes" meant yes to 
Europe(EU) while 'NO" meant no to both the EU and the Euro

2.  The question of the referendum was technically out of place and 
time: we were to say yes or no to a no more existing proposition. The 
government tried without success to claim that that was the case, but
it was clear for all on this planet that it was not about a proposition 
and not just about austerity.

it is nonsense to reduce the no vote just to a "no to austerity" or else 
the yes vote must be taken to mean "yes to austerity"!

It is clear to me that the greek working class (AND the greek petite 
bourgeoisie with it) have picked the glove up and said "no to austerity 
whatever it takes, even a grexit from the euro and EU".
And of course the yes vote must be taken to mean "yes to EU and Euro 
whatever it takes, including austerity, reduced sovereignty,the 
downgrading of greek capitalism etc". That makes sense.

Yet it this implicit ambivalence of the no vote towards EU that made 
possible its "interpretation" as an unconditional yes to EU, by the 
government and the political leaders council without a revolt.


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