[Marxism] Badiou on Greece

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu Jul 9 16:13:34 MDT 2015

On a quick search: "Iglesias told the journalist Jacobo Rivero. Left 
and right, he added, are metaphors that are no longer “useful in 
political terms”: “the fundamental divide now [is] between oligarchy and 
democracy, between a social majority and a privileged minority.” Or, as 
Podemos likes to put it, between /la gente/ and /la casta/, the people 
and the caste."

That may sell populism, it may be necessary to alter terms, for instance 
(although that's an old argument, "socialism" and "communism" included - 
long since refuted to my recollection), but aside from being “useful in 
political terms”, how meaningful are they as a basis for analysis and 
therefore for consistent practice?

Maybe I'm as outmoded as the terms, maybe I'm unread, but youth inquires.

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