[Marxism] Australian Labor Party leader the epitome of pro-boss trade unionism

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 17:47:58 MDT 2015

I'm currently in Melbourne staying with a friend of mine and Marxmail
reader Tom O'Lincoln.  The other day Tom took me to the Uniting Church to
meet an old acquaintance of his who is ex-US Army turned antiwar activist
at the time of Guf War 1.  When Chip was told I was from NZ, he said, "Oh,
you folks have a National Party government that's to the left of our Labor

And it's pretty much true.

Moreover, the current leader of the ALP, Bill Shorten is the former head of
Australia's Worst Union (AWU).  (It's real name is Australian Workers
Union, but the other version is much more accurate.)

The AWU under Shorten's tenure received hundreds of thousands of dollars
from business interests.  Shorten seemed to have a tendency to 'negotiate'
agreements that left his members worse off and any time the other union
that covers some of the same ground was battling the bosses they had to
fight off the AWU at the same time, as Shorten and co. came mto the bosses'

I've stuck up a piece on Redline, written by veteran Australian left and
union activist LIz Ross, of Socialist Alternative:

SA has a good paper (Red Flag) and a very good theoretical journal (Marxist
Left Review).


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