[Marxism] Paul Mason "What was the point of Tsipras referendum?"

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Sat Jul 11 03:19:41 MDT 2015

ioannis aposperites wrote:

 > ... The irony of the history is that the SYRIZA government
 > is about to be the first so far "left" government to fall
 > because of its OWN Coup d'état!

The other great irony is that it may be the troika itself which prevents 
Tsipras selling out despite all his efforts. As Varoufakis argues, the 
Germans want to crucify Greece to serve as a lesson of discipline to the 

 From the Frankfurter Allgemeine:
' The EU, IMF and ECB are “cautiously positive”, says the report but 
they want any new bailout programme to contain “structural benchmarks, 
milestones and quantitative benchmarks” for the future. And the reforms 
are not enough to meet primary surplus targets given the “significant 
deterioration in macroeconomic and financial conditions. '

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