[Marxism] on Greece debate

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Sat Jul 11 03:46:15 MDT 2015

     > "So it is important to be clear: if Syriza supports and
    implements this
     > deal, it is over. It will not recover. It may exist as a party,
    but as a
     > force of the radical left it will be all but redundant. It may as
    well be
     > a centrist, austerian coalition. A left that goes along with this
    will be
     > committing suicide. 

Though its painful to watch, what we are seeing is the reformation of a 
(reformist) party of the ruling class in which the far left is starting 
to look like a foreign object. That doesnt mean that it was wrong to 
enter a broad party, just that its time to recognize that the only point 
of entering a bourgeois parliament is as a manoeuvre to advance the 
class struggle. If the Left platform doesnt have the weight to turn 
around the party then its time to gather up as many of the far left 
forces as possible and look outside

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