[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'

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The naked about face of the Syriza regime is also a huge step forward towards killing illusions that leftish reformist parties like Syriza, or Podemos, have anything to offer Europe’s working classes, other than more misery and disaster, and the political neutering of tendencies who choose to walk into those swamps.  

That is an important clarification. Hopefully, lesson learned.


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>Syriza. Defeat. Victory. Defeat.
>by Richard Seymour
>Lenin's Tomb, July 10
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>Now, it seems, Syriza has caved and proposed a deal which is even
>worse than the worst.  Cuts.  Privatisations.  Pension 'reforms'.  VAT
>increases.  Recessionary measures.  Barely a trace of a progressive
>agenda left here, notwithstanding the strenuous and heartbreaking
>efforts of euro-leftists to give it a gloss.  In some respects, they
>have delivered, after months of fighting, a more complete victory to
>the neoliberal managers of Europe than the latter could have won on
>their own account.  The social catastrophe that has befallen Greece is
>now going to be prolonged - the suicides, the premature deaths, the
>medicine shortages, the starvation, the wage losses, unemployment -
>but without any possible conviction that, say, a new radical left
>government might be elected and put an end to the misery.  What sort
>of political forces might stand to gain in that terrain is obviously
>undecided; but we have seen what the worst of it could be.

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