[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 11 11:58:55 MDT 2015

So what kind of party do we need? One that proclaims the need for 
rupture? Such a party exists. Actually two of them exist: KKE and 
Antarsya. But the support for them is negligible. The fact that only 5 
percent of those voting "no" in the referendum expected that if such a 
vote it would lead to a Grexit, either bourgeois or proletarian, is 
something that the left has to grapple with. Indeed, the highest 
preference according to party lines for leaving the eurozone is from 
ANEL and Golden Dawn. Only 5 percent of Syriza voters expressed a desire 
to leave the eurozone. Maybe the Greeks should consider Brecht's advice: 
the government should dissolve the people and elect another.

On 7/11/15 1:37 PM, Thomas via Marxism wrote:
> The naked about face of the Syriza regime is also a huge step forward towards killing illusions that leftish reformist parties like Syriza, or Podemos, have anything to offer Europe’s working classes, other than more misery and disaster, and the political neutering of tendencies who choose to walk into those swamps.
> That is an important clarification. Hopefully, lesson learned.
> T

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