[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'

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The question of what organized politics offer the possibility of change from below is now very much front and center.  The spectacular collapse of parliamentary politics from above throws that door wide open.

The quote from Brecht below is most apt. It was written mid-1953 during an uprising in the streets by the East German working class. 

"After the uprising of the 17th June
 The Secretary of the Writer's Union
 Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
 Stating that the people
 Had forfeited the confidence of the government
 And could win it back only
 By redoubled efforts.   Would it not be easier
 In that case for the government
 To dissolve the people
 And elect another?"

It is often the case that before people, organizations, or a class, can formulate how to go forward, it is first necessary to become conscious of what they do not want and what does not work.  Negation of the bullshit. 

Nobody can yet say what class response, if any, will come in the streets to events of the past few days and the decisions yet to come over the weekend. 

Nobody can yet say what political tendency, if any, will put forward politics that will begin to gather support to move against the government from below when and if sufficient forces are organized and ready to do so.

What is certain is that there has been consistent underestimation of the depth of the rage and resistance among the Greek people in general and the Greek working class in particular to EU insistence on stripping them naked and pushing their faces into the dirt. 

That may now lead everywhere, or nowhere.  

Revolutionary organizations have been notoriously awful at predicting the course of short term events. A modern example: general amazement at the outcome of the referendum.

The best have been supple enough not to lag too far behind uprisings from below. 



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>So what kind of party do we need? One that proclaims the need for 
>rupture? Such a party exists. Actually two of them exist: KKE and 
>Antarsya. But the support for them is negligible. The fact that only 5 
>percent of those voting "no" in the referendum expected that if such a 
>vote it would lead to a Grexit, either bourgeois or proletarian, is 
>something that the left has to grapple with. Indeed, the highest 
>preference according to party lines for leaving the eurozone is from 
>ANEL and Golden Dawn. Only 5 percent of Syriza voters expressed a desire 
>to leave the eurozone. Maybe the Greeks should consider Brecht's advice: 
>the government should dissolve the people and elect another.
>On 7/11/15 1:37 PM, Thomas via Marxism wrote:
>> The naked about face of the Syriza regime is also a huge step forward towards killing illusions that leftish reformist parties like Syriza, or Podemos, have anything to offer Europe’s working classes, other than more misery and disaster, and the political neutering of tendencies who choose to walk into those swamps.
>> That is an important clarification. Hopefully, lesson learned.
>> T

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