[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'

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Sat Jul 11 17:44:51 MDT 2015

On 11/07/2015 08:58 μμ, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:

> So what kind of party do we need? One that proclaims the need for
> rupture? Such a party exists. Actually two of them exist: KKE and
> Antarsya. But the support for them is negligible. The fact that only 5
> percent of those voting "no" in the referendum expected that if such a
> vote it would lead to a Grexit, either bourgeois or proletarian, is
> something that the left has to grapple with. Indeed, the highest
> preference according to party lines for leaving the eurozone is from
> ANEL and Golden Dawn. Only 5 percent of Syriza voters expressed a desire
> to leave the eurozone. Maybe the Greeks should consider Brecht's advice:
> the government should dissolve the people and elect another.
> On 7/11/15 1:37 PM, Thomas via Marxism wrote:
>> The naked about face of the Syriza regime is also a huge step forward
>> towards killing illusions that leftish reformist parties like Syriza,
>> or Podemos, have anything to offer Europe’s working classes, other
>> than more misery and disaster, and the political neutering of
>> tendencies who choose to walk into those swamps.
>> That is an important clarification. Hopefully, lesson learned.
>> T

The facts are stubborn things.
The referendum took place under these concrete conditions the week 
before 5th July:
1. The government which had call for a no vote was clear only to its 
ambivalence: They were begging the troika for a deal in order to call 
off the referendum and only after its refuse on Thursday did the 
referendum became certain, while the majority of SYRIZA's cadres and 
ministers had disappeared from the media, had made no declarations in 
favour of the no vote while some of them, like Mardas, had appeared only 
to declare that they would resign if greece would leave eurozone.

2. The banks were closed and the 1st of July was the pay day for a lot 
of people including pensioners. Keep in mind that pensioners support 
their unemployed children out of their miserable pensions. There are 
many households which have no other income than the pension of the 
grandfather or grandmother.

3. The whole EU's political personnel and the greek bourgeois parties 
were chanting in every possible tone that the question of the referendum 
was fake and that it was about leaving or not Eurozone and EU, while 
SYRIZA just pretending to claim that it was about a no more existent 
troika's proposition.

4. The whole media system including the public broadcaster ERT, which 
SYRIZA reopened, were threatening the public with the supposedly 
horrific consequences of the NO vote. "There will be no wages, no 
pensions. There will be no food nor medicines. There will be no oil and 
nothing wouldn't be imported". That's what they had been yielding during 
the week before 5th July.

5. The political forces which were consistently calling for a NO to 
austerity had won less than one per cent of support last January, while 
KKE was calling to a invalid vote.

6. In the middle of all this mess, the greek working class voted for NO 
at a percentage of 70-80%, resulting to an overall of 61,3% for the NO 
vote.The question of the referendum had been set by the class enemy and 
the answer was a clear no to austerity whatever it takes. And in that 
context "whatever" meant "including grexit".

Now, how on earth a couple of questions in a gallop like
a. For whom did you vote on January?
b. Would you expressed a desire for a grexit? (A slight impulse perhaps?)
and the supposed answers to these questions by a couple of hundreds of 
people, could reveal a "truth" that was not clear enough by the NO vote?
How on earth a gallop can be taken seriously against the 61,3% of the NO 
vote, against a majority, especially in an unfavourable bourgeois 
ballot, who have answer YES to the question "do you reject austerity 
even if you risk a grexit?"

Yes. The facts are stubborn things. Even in front of fake facts like 
that gallop however accommodative it can be. After all however 
inefficient may be "the parties that proclaim the need of the rupture" 
they are not to be blamed for the bankruptcy of SYRIZA! Maybe they are 
not good enough, but for sure, a party like SYRIZA is not either. 
Checked out.


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