[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 11 19:40:54 MDT 2015

On 7/11/15 7:55 PM, James Creegan via Marxism wrote:
> Louis can't seem to answer the arguments of anyone who
> disagrees with him w/o baiting them for other political
> positions or their political past.

I am not interested in answering your arguments. Frankly, of the 33 
messages you have posted here since February, all but 3 have been about 
Syriza. When anybody shows up on Marxmail posting exclusively about some 
problem or struggle in another country (Ukraine, Syria, etc.), I rapidly 
come to the conclusion that they are "intervening" rather than having a 
conversation. Your cause would be better served if you made an attempt 
to write about other matters like the disappearance of marine life, gay 
marriage, disappeared students in Mexico, beat poetry, Godard movies, 
climate change, the origins of capitalism, the fight for $15, etc. 
Before you became fixated on Greece, you were fixated on Ukraine. Who 
knows what you will become fixated on next if Syriza disappears from office.

In reality, just speaking for myself, I have the same reaction to your 
trolling as I do to Sparts at Left Forums. Everybody groans when they 
begin to speak because they have heard it all before. The Sparts are 
unsullied while everybody else is a traitor. It is really quite a 
disgusting behavior calculated mostly to get on people's nerves. Here 
you are striking poses as if you are the only person on Marxmail who has 
read Trotsky speaking down to a swamp of reformist slugs, trying to 
raise them to your Olympian level. It is enough to make one puke.

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