[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the 'defeat of Syriza'

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 11 19:55:59 MDT 2015

On 7/11/15 7:44 PM, ioannis aposperites via Marxism wrote:
> 6. In the middle of all this mess, the greek working class voted for NO
> at a percentage of 70-80%, resulting to an overall of 61,3% for the NO
> vote.The question of the referendum had been set by the class enemy and
> the answer was a clear no to austerity whatever it takes. And in that
> context "whatever" meant "including grexit".

Didn't you read what I just posted from the Washington Post? Grexit was 
not reflected as the choice of more than 5 percent in the polls by any 
party on the eve of the referendum, except for ANEL and Golden Dawn.

Only 5 percent of Syriza voters who indicated that they would vote "no" 
also favored Grexit. The KKE was not included in the poll, for reasons 
that were not explained. The Trotskyist left and other members of the 
far left are all for Grexit but the polls continue to indicate 
opposition to that. Instead of castigating Syriza for not adopting 
*your* position, you need to do a better job making the case for it. 
Tsipras and company are too immersed in a certain set of beliefs to now 
disavow them as should be clear.

I run into the same sense of frustration dealing with people on the 
American left who are for Bernie Sanders. I am not going to waste time 
attacking them or Sanders. (I do plan, however, to continue write about 
the history of Swedish social democracy mostly in order to interrogate 
the "Swedish model" as much as for my own self-education.) If a 
socialist Grexit is the answer, the Greek revolutionary left has to do a 
better job making the case for it.

There is a tendency among those educated in the Trotskyist tradition to 
make exposing of reformists the primary axis of their propaganda. The 
failure of such groups to ever achieve the critical mass to become 
important enough to warrant a critique of their own record is ironic. 
Nobody spends much time blasting Antarsya for selling out, after all. 
Now I understand why comrades would find solace in existing in a 
purified revolutionary state but I don't think that this will change 
Greek society.

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