[Marxism] Greek Deal Prospects Slim as Crisis Talks Resume

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 10:13:08 MDT 2015

Agreed. Admittedly, Tsipras and Syriza had no leverage, no Plan B.
Withdrawal from the eurozone and re-establishing of the drachma was (and
still is as far as I have read)  overwhelmingly opposed by about 75% of
Greeks. In my opinion, where his faction went wrong was when he chose to
foster illusions that the specter of a rising tide of anti austerity
throughout Europe (Spain/Podemos especially) would frighten the troika into
a compromise instead of "patiently explaining" that the enemy might make
fighting austerity while staying in the eurozone impossible and to
seriously entertain the idea of Grexit.

"The duty of leadership is to lead" - Trotsky

On Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Marv Gandall via Marxism <
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> Congratulations. You now understand the position of the left critics of
> the Tsipras leadership (including Jim Creegan) who argued from the
> beginning that the government should be mobilizing and educating the people
> and preparing the state administration for a Grexit, rather than doggedly
> reinforcing illusions that a voluntary or involuntary departure from the
> eurozone was wholly unthinkable. Instead, Syriza’s ineffectual leadership
> expended precious financial resources and time prostrating itself before
> its creditors. The result is that it has rendered the country far more
> vulnerable to its predators than when it took office, and far less equipped
> to deal with what everyone understood was going to be a painful transition
> to a sovereign currency and resuscitation of the economy under public
> ownership if events happened to move, as they have, in that direction.

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