[Marxism] Fwd: Anton Shekhovtsov's blog: A statement on the developments in the Ukrainian town of Mukacheve

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 13 06:54:52 MDT 2015

Members of the Ukrainian, anti-European far right organisation Right 
Sector have killed one civilian and injured four more, as well as 
injuring six policemen, using Kalashnikov rifles and a heavy machine 
gun, in the West Ukrainian town of Mukacheve.

As I have argued previously in this blog, the overwhelming majority of 
Ukrainian far right organisations are criminal gangs that exploit a 
radical right-wing ideology for mobilisation purposes. The incident in 
Mukacheve seems to be an example of a criminal (far right) group trying 
to hijack an illegal business operated by another (non-political) 
criminal gang.

Consequently, the Right Sector has tried to mobilise the Ukrainian 
society in support of the allegedly patriotic agenda of the Right 
Sector. So far, the Right Sector has succeeded in organising protests in 
more than a dozen of cities and towns across the country, including the 
capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Despite the fact that the protests have failed 
to gather any significant amount of Ukrainian citizens - reflecting the 
fringe status of the Right Sector in the Ukrainian politics - the 
security threats of the protests organised by armed members of the 
criminal, far right gang are potentially devastating. Right Sector thugs 
demand, in particular, the resignation of the Minister of Interior, 
dissolution of the parliament, and early parliamentary elections.

The Right Sector has clearly challenged the democratic nature of the 
Ukrainian state and is trying to undermine the state monopoly of the 
legitimate use of physical force. The actions of the Right Sector are 
blatantly unconstitutional, and the state must act urgently and 
forcefully against the criminal, anti-democratic actions of the Right 


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