[Marxism] The Bullet: Treating Syriza Responsibly by Panitch & Gindin

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1140 ... July 13, 2015

Treating Syriza Responsibly

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

As against those on the international left so keen to put the boot in
against the Syriza government with the charge that they had abjectly
capitulated already with the plan passed in the Greek parliament, it is
instructive to read this document from the German finance ministry.

Syriza's unique capacity on the international left to build the type of
party capable of both mobilizing against neoliberalism and entering the
state to try to actually do something about this has always hinged on the
way it sought to find room for manoeuvre within a European Union which has
neoliberalism in its DNA, going back all the way to the Treaty of Rome let
alone the Economic and Monetary Union thirty years later. Anyone who at all
seriously followed developments in Greece over the past five years should
have known that the leadership of the party would only go as far as the
Europeans would let it, and that the balance of power inside the party made
the Left Platform faction's strategy for Grexit an effective non-starter.
Those on the revolutionary left who hoped that after Syriza's election this
leadership would get swept away by a massive popular upsurge for Grexit in
face of the limits and contradictions of a Syriza government were, as
usual, dreaming in technicolor.

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