[Marxism] last words on Greece

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 17:42:01 MDT 2015

Truly I intend this to be my last contribution to the Greek debate.  I am
becoming increasingly offended by the attacks on the international
solidarity movement.. I now read from Panitch and Gindin that we have been
"as usual dreaming in technicolor". Earlier, I read we did not care about
someone's mother who had only 14 tablets left. Hundreds of thousands of
people around the world have acted in solidarity with the Greek people,
because they believe there is an alternative and they do care.  Now we are
being told we are like arm chair generals urging the Greek people onto
their death and ruin.

The death and ruin was plotted and carried out, not by the international
solidarity movement but by Merkel, Shauble, Holland, Gabriel, Dijesselbloem
et al.

Panitch and Gindin have seized and held aloft the Thatcherite banner of
TINA and shame on them. They are bringing comfort to the enemy. It is true
that we on the Left dream of a better world.  We expect, and get, sneers
for that from the Right. But we deserve better from soi-disant Marxists.  I
doubt if Panitch and Gindin will ever read these words, or that I will ever
meet them in person, but they can be sure they have my full disagreement
and no little disappointment

For what it is worth, I support the formation of broad left groupings.  I
have both a horror of the politics of the sects and a clear understanding
that the working class need an alternative to Zinoviefism.  But that does
not mean that I will refuse to analyse and criticize the leadership of
Syriza.  For a moment the politics of anti-austerity had a period of hope,
a focus and something to rally around. That is gone and Richard Seymour is
correct. I now agree it is a terrible defeat and a devastating absence.

There is an old Irish folk song of the rebellion of 1803 led by Robert
Emmet. It seems all too appropriate for the Greek context

The struggle is over, the boys are defeated,
Old Ireland's surrounded with sadness and gloom,
We were defeated and shamefuIIy treated,
And I, Robert Emmet, awaiting my doom



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