[Marxism] last words on Greece

Michael Yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Mon Jul 13 18:40:03 MDT 2015

Hear! Hear! Gary. I am afraid that Leo and Sam seem to be getting wronger on so many issues the older they get. Whatever happened to their mantra about building people's capacities, or at least trying to do so? Also, there is  lot of what we might call historical amnesia. Too many people say that all left projects have failed because they were doomed to fail. And this is because their adversaries were just too powerful. This is surely an incorrect method of analysis. Why were the Bolsheviks doomed to fail? Why was the restoration of capitalism in China inevitable? Why was Greece doomed to make the most awful capitulations to the troika? It seems that critics of what one man called the "ultra-left," meaning not sectarians but all to the left of Syriza, look at everything after the fact, and say, well, no wonder they failed. Not because they failed to make a detailed and sophisticated of the forces at play and plan to find the best was to combat their enemy's power, but because, well, their adversaries were just too damned powerful. As this same guy said, "The fucking Germans, man." Best to give in and wait for a better day. Of course, the better day usually never comes, and we find ourselves facing the grave. But let one of us say that they failed to do what needed to be done, and we are accused of looking at things through technicolor glasses. Or told that we didn't read the polls taken to see what people thought at some point in time, never realizing that life is lived in a dynamic and ever-changing context, one in which politicls always comes into play. 		 	   		  

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