[Marxism] last words on Greece

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Mon Jul 13 21:38:15 MDT 2015

I just finished the Panitch/Gindin article and came here to rant (and to
bemoan Gindin's participation; I expected better of him given his decades
of grassroots labor work), but Gary and Michael have said it all. Can I
quote you both on Facebook? (all these messages are visible anyway on the
web :)

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> Hear! Hear! Gary. I am afraid that Leo and Sam seem to be getting wronger
> on so many issues the older they get. Whatever happened to their mantra
> about building people's capacities, or at least trying to do so? Also,
> there is  lot of what we might call historical amnesia. Too many people say
> that all left projects have failed because they were doomed to fail. And
> this is because their adversaries were just too powerful. This is surely an
> incorrect method of analysis. Why were the Bolsheviks doomed to fail? Why
> was the restoration of capitalism in China inevitable? Why was Greece
> doomed to make the most awful capitulations to the troika? It seems that
> critics of what one man called the "ultra-left," meaning not sectarians but
> all to the left of Syriza, look at everything after the fact, and say,
> well, no wonder they failed. Not because they failed to make a detailed and
> sophisticated of the forces at play and plan to find the best was to combat
> their enemy's power, but because, well, their adversaries were just too
> damned powerful. As this same guy said, "The fucking Germans, man." Best to
> give in and wait for a better day. Of course, the better day usually never
> comes, and we find ourselves facing the grave. But let one of us say that
> they failed to do what needed to be done, and we are accused of looking at
> things through technicolor glasses. Or told that we didn't read the polls
> taken to see what people thought at some point in time, never realizing
> that life is lived in a dynamic and ever-changing context, one in which
> politicls always comes into play.
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