[Marxism] The Eurogroup's brutal agreement on Greece: A colonialist pact

Celeste Murillo celeste.murillo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 06:04:50 MDT 2015

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After only six months in government, the capitulation of Tsipras and Syriza
to the Troika appears complete. No one, not even its harshest critics,
could have imagined the speed with which Syriza crossed every one of its
"red lines" and ended up accepting a draconian austerity program.

The landslide "NO" vote of only a week ago seems to be a distant memory.
Because the government called for the referendum with the aim of "improving
its position in the negotiations" it abandoned all its positions and
accepted a program even more strict that than which was rejected by 61% of
the Greek people.

The strategic impotence of the reformist and conciliatory program of
Tsipras, aimed at keeping Greece in the Euro zone "at all costs" ended in
spectacular humiliation.

What is not clear yet is what will happen in the Greek parliament over the
next few days. Several Syriza MPs have announced they will vote against the
plan. The Minister of Defense and leader of the right-wing nationalist ANEL
party also declared his opposition to the agreement. A cabinet reshuffle
has been talked about with voluntary or forced resignations of those who
oppose the measures. The Minister of Labor has speculated that new
elections will be called once the economy has "stabilized".

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