[Marxism] Polls that challenge the mantra that most Greeks want to stay in the Eurozone

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 07:52:12 MDT 2015

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From: Louis Proyect

On 7/13/15 11:28 AM, Michael Karadjis via Marxism wrote:
> Paneuropean Gallup International poll, December 2014. 52% in Greece
> favor return to national currency.
> opinion.co.uk/per…/resources/global-we-tables-weight1-v6.pdf
In small print at the bottom of the 52 percent findings:

"Disclaimer: Gallup International Association or its members are not
related to Gallup Inc., headquartered in Washington D.C which is no
longer a member of Gallup International Association.

Yes, but that doesn't prove that the Paneuropean Gallup International 
poll is wrong. Besides, my post noted two other, more recent polls:

"Bridging Europe poll, March 2015. 53% of Greeks in favor of grexit:

"Bridging Europe poll, June 2015, not long before the referendum was
called. 63% not afraid of grexit. Compares very well with the 61.3% no
vote in the referendum which followed.
https://twitter.com/BridgingEurope/status/612669846568968192 "

Now of course I have no way of knowing whether these polls, or the polls 
that show the opposite (that most Greeks want to stay in Eurozone) are 
more correct. However, I'm inclined to believe these polls showing 
greater Greek support for grexit. Why? Simply, the supposed *enormous, 
total* contradiction between majority Greek opposition to EU-imposed 
killer-austerity and huge majority Greek determination to stay in the 
Eurozone seems just not realistic. A certain amount of contradiction, of 
confusion, yes, that is possible, and likely; but the total 
contradiction scenario makes it look as if the bulk of Greek people are 
far too naiive, far more than they are. Is it really possible that after 
all this time, after all this evidence of the blood-sucking nature of 
the EU, that a significant percentage of Greeks have not yet understood 
the contradiction between Eurozone membership and no austerity? We talk 
about it every day as if it is just so obvious, and assume that hardly 
anyone is Greece has realised? Entirely unrealistic.

Is it really possible that 61% of Greeks voted to reject the EU's diktat 
and almost none of them figured out that their vote also meant 
potentially a grexit? Not a majority of them, not a significant majority 
of  them, but almost none? No, Greeks as a whole are somewhat more 
politically sophisticated than that. *Separate* to the issue of whether 
or not there was no alternative at this moment (due to Syriza 
leadership's decision to not plan a Plan B), I think it likely that the 
polls showing considerably greater Greek opposition to the Eurozone are 
far more realistic. 

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