[Marxism] Text of the Eurogroup Diktat, agreed to by the Greek government

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Tue Jul 14 08:26:17 MDT 2015

The text (in english) can be downloaded here: 


7 pages, 72.987 bytes. 

There are deep inroads in national sovereignty of Greece. 

The establishment of the fund similar to the GDR "Treuhandgesellschaft" for a "significantly scaled up privatisation programme " is well known. To this fund "valuable Greek assets will be transferred to" in order to be "monetize[d] [...] through privatisations and other means", with the proceeds going completely to the foreign money lenders. 

This is sweetened a little bit by this fund to "be established in Greece and be managed by the Greek authorities" ... but ... "under the supervision of the relevant European Institutions.". 

Another rule of this a-gree-ment is even worse in my view, putting Greece in a colonial dependency: 

> The government needs to consult and agree with the Institutions on
> all draft legislation in relevant areas with adequate time before
> submitting it for public consultation or to Parliament.

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