[Marxism] Overwhelming Greek opposition to Grexit?

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Tue Jul 14 10:37:46 MDT 2015

Louiis Proyect wrote:
> The Washington Post article that I referred to recently indicated that 
> the polling was done by the University of Macedonia Research Institute 
> that "identified respondents through multi-stage stratified sampling". 
> What evidence is there that this group is controlled by the oligarchy? 
> Do you think they falsified the 5 percent support for a Grexit? 

Maybe you need new glasses. The poll did NOT say there was 5% support for 
Grexit. It said 5% expectations of Grexit, and about one-third of Syriza 
supporters favored Grexit. 

The Washington Post article on the poll stated:

"Although the majority of government voters does not want Grexit, the move to 

leave the euro zone would still be endorsed by about one-third of the 
government´s electorate. Moreover, the bank holiday and capital controls have 

already materialized some of the costs associated with Grexit.

"If the Tsipras government additionally manages to convince voters that 
Grexit is mainly the euro zone´s fault, the government may be able to survive 

such a development. Incidentally, the sizable support for euro exit in the 
government´s camp might also provide a rationale for the argument that Grexit 

was Tsipras´s preferred outcome from the start."

The 5% figure was about expectations of what the likely outcome would be, not 

about what people wanted:

"Only 5 percent believed that a no vote would mean Greece would exit the euro 



The question of mass support is more than a question of polling; it is also a 

question of what the masses are prepared to work for and sacrifice for, and 
what is the state of their mass organizations. It is a question of what their 

mood will be in the future, too; how they will react to future developments. 
But as long as we are are talking about polls, let's cite them properly.

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