[Marxism] From reformism to struggle and regroument

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 14 16:06:24 MDT 2015

John Passant:
"This isn’t a failure of will on the part of Tsipras and other SYRIZA 
leaders. It is an expression of the logic of reformism, the idea that 
you can win power through capitalist democratic institutions and manage 
the beast in the interests not of capital but of labour."

Actually Venezuela indicates that you can. So does Ecuador and Bolivia. 
Early on Sebastian Budgen interviewed Stathis Kouvelakis who said:

And so my view about Greece is, (a) if we had a fifteen-year period 
where there is no qualitative successes but a social transformation, 
that would be great; (b) Greece is of course the periphery, but it is 
the internal periphery of the center, so that means that the 
destabilizing potential of the Greek experiment is perhaps greater for 
the capitalist system than Venezuela; (c) the accumulated political 
experience of the social and political forces in Greece — and I don’t 
want to diminish the tremendous importance of what happened in Venezuela 
— is just incomparable.

Greece has a very rich tradition of social struggle. What differentiates 
solidarity with Greece from previous forms of solidarity is that now it 
is not about expressing solidarity with countries that are 
geographically very far away and have major differences in terms of 
social structure and level of development.

Greece is a periphery, if you like, but it is the periphery of Europe. 
Political processes happening in Greece have an expansive capacity, 
which is far superior and more direct in this part of world than the 
Latin American ones, because the Greek crisis is part of the bigger 
crisis of European capitalism. And Europe, despite its current position 
— which is very different from the position it held in the past — is 
still one of the major centers of the world capitalist system.

full: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/01/phase-one/

I think that this was overly optimistic, a fatal flaw of the Syriza 

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