[Marxism] Varoufakis ABC Interview

ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu
Tue Jul 14 19:05:48 MDT 2015

His first interview after resigning as minister of finance.


Here are the passages I found most interesting:

5:50 Will you stay in politics?  Of course I will.  I am not a fair
weather sailor, I am going to be here for the course, I am going to
represent (his constituents) through thick and thin.  In essence, I am
very much enjoying being a back bencher at the moment, Philip, because I
have a lot more room for maneuver and speaking the truth without having
to worry about phrasing the truth in diplomatic terms.

9:30 This is indeed the politics of humiliation.  The Troika made sure
they see to it that he (Tsipras) would eat every single word he uttered
in criticism of the troika in the past 5 years.

16:08 "Look, Philip, let me be frank here.  These are crucial moments,
critical moments in European history and I don't believe we will be
judged anything other than harshly if we don't speak out at this moment.
Dr Schaeuble wants Grexit.  He has been planning for it. (Detailed
elaboration of Schaeuble's strategy.)  The reason I am saying this is
not because I have a theory, but because Dr Schaeuble has told me so."

21:36 Asked about a temporary grexit, Varoufakis answered that they
always opposed it.  "The moment you begin the deconstruction of a
monetary union you then unleash powers that you cannot control.  ...
This is why we rejected the proposal.  This is a proposal we would never
accept as committed Europeanists.  We believed that, setting aside the
very significan cost for the Greek social economy, this kind of plotting
... are part of the process of killing off European integration."

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