[Marxism] 7pm today/Wed. July 15 international solidarity w/ Greece

Dayne Goodwin daynegoodwin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 01:06:01 MDT 2015

Call for solidarity to Greek people against the coup, all over the world.

Wednesday, everywhere, at 19:00
Athens, Greece * London, United Kingdom * Leeds, United Kingdom *
Liverpool, United Kingdom *Bristol, United Kingdom *Manchester, United
Kingdom * Belfast, Northern Ireland *Duns, Scotland * Berlin, Germany
* Koblenz, Germany * Napels, Italy *Padua, Italy * Paris, France
*Lisbon, Portugal *Barcelona, Spain *Graz, Austria * Vienna, Austria *
Sofia, Bulgaria *Prague, Czech Republic *Belgrade, Serbia *Skopje,
Macedonia * Ljubljana, Slovenia *Chicago, USA *Baltimore, USA
*Oakland, USA *Los Angeles, USA *Buffalo, USA *Brantford, Ontario
*Montreal, Canada * Sydney, Australia * Tel Aviv, Israel

The Troika has succeeded in making the SYRIZA-government submit to
their demands to implement more devastating austerity measures, by
means of financial terrorism and threatening to push the country over
the brink of economic collapse. Some would call this a capitulation by
SYRIZA, some would call ‪#‎ThisIsACoup‬ by the Troika. Whatever it is,
if the Troika gets their way, it would amount to a historic defeat for
everyone fighting against austerity and for democracy.

The only option left for us now is escalating the struggle to the
streets and the workplaces. Forced by the Troika the Greek government
will on Wednesday be effectively implementing legislation that the
people voted NO against over little more than a week ago. All red
lines have been crossed. It's up to us to defend them. So we call on
everyone all over the world to take to central squares that day, to
loudly say:

OXI means OXI!
OXI to austerity!
OXI to capitulation!
OXI to a third memorandum!
YES to democracy and people's power.

The only dividing line right now, in Greece and in those in solidarity is this:
Do you fight or do you capitulate?
We choose to fight. We hope to see you in the streets.

For all the (solidarity) groups organizing protests in their city, we
ask you to send us the eventpage-link by PM at Europe says OXI or post
it here so we can make a list of the different (solidarity)

Solidarity4All  <http://greecesolidarity.org/?page_id=1112>

Regional Solidarity is Our Weapon
by Anastas Vangeli, Republic of Macedonia.
July 15, 2015

On July 15, Solidarnost, joined by other left-wing movements and
activists from the Republic of Macedonia will take part in the global
day of solidarity with the citizens of Greece. Below, I argue why
regional solidarity matters more than ever.
 . . .
At this juncture, we have a precious opportunity to reframe political
narratives in the region and pay much bigger attention to the grand
questions not only of identity, but rather the ways we do politics and
economy. The deepening political crisis in Macedonia, just as the
economic crisis in Greece, will further accelerate the decline of the
Balkans. In an attempt to change course, the majority of the Greek
citizens voiced their support for the new political actors and new
forms of politics in the elections earlier this year, and now they
will have to struggle to avoid a backsliding. Macedonian citizens, who
were given hope by the emerging social movements, still must fight for
a democratic opening.
The political cartels the citizens of Greece and Macedonia battle are
like the Lernaean Hydra - for each head cut off it grows two new. It
takes a Herculean effort to slain it, one which takes regional and
international solidarity as its weapon, and upholding the vision of a
new time as its energy in the long battle ahead.

We shall overcome!

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