[Marxism] Panitch gets some crucial things right

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 07:26:23 MDT 2015

His new column, "The Denouement."

1. "Were Tsipras to call instead for Grexit today there might finally be a
small majority of the population who would respond positively to this. At
the least, as one very knowledgeable political scientist who has been
closely involved in Synaspismos and Syriza since the beginning assured me
last night, there would be a million people chanting Tsipras's name in
Syntagma tonight. This would obviate the no less palpable anxiety among
such people that Golden Dawn will be the beneficiary of this denouement."

2. While speculating on the (very real) dangers that could flow from a
grexit, he adds: "But above all, could the ingenuity and resourcefulness
shown by the more than 400 Solidarity networks that blossomed in the course
of the crisis really be quickly enough expanded and built upon to convert
patterns of production and consumption on a broad enough scale to counter
these negative developments?"
YES! Those networks - one of whose leaders the Greek Solidarity movement
recently toured in the US - are an invaluable place to begin putting
workers, pensioners, women and youth in control of the grexit and
reconstruction process.

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