[Marxism] Syriza CC votes down deal

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Wed Jul 15 08:48:06 MDT 2015



AP report in

More than half of the governing left-wing SYRIZA party's central committee
has signed a statement slamming the agreement Greece reached with its
European creditors earlier this week, describing it as a coup against their
nation by European leaders.

The statement, signed by 109 of the committee's 201 members, says the
agreement was "the result of threats of immediate financial strangulation"
and is a new bailout with "humiliating terms of supervision, destructive
for our country and its people."

Greece's parliament is expected to vote Wednesday on the austerity bill
required to get a new bailout package.

"On July 12 a coup was carried out in Brussels that proved that the aim of
the European leadership was the exemplary annihilation of a people who
envisaged that another path could be followed beyond the neoliberal model
of extreme austerity," the statement says. "A coup that goes directly
against any kind of notion of democracy and popular sovereignty." [AP]

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