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Wed Jul 15 11:09:38 MDT 2015

*I'm not going to deal with all the assumptions Manuel makes. I'll just
note I said that the networks are "an" important place to be active.*

*See their statement below on the "no" vote. Here, as in all their
propaganda, they insist that their solidarity structures are integrally
connected to real struggles.*

*And please don't respond to this with another long "Trotsky said bla bla
bla." You CAN assume that if Trotsky said it, I've already taken his points
into account in formulating my recommendations, that there are implicit
parentheses I didn't fill out but which would say "as Trotsky said
regarding committees of action and united fronts..."*


*The victory of "NO" escalates our fight*
*We shall not succumb to the asphyxiation of the Greek people*
*Support the grassroots social solidarity structures*

Dear friends

We would like wholeheartedly to *thank you for your touching solidarity*
and the high levels of mobilization that did not leave the Greek people,
not even a minute, alone in the fight against the blackmails, lies and

The victory of NO has sent a clear and defiant message altering the
landscape of our common struggles. Those who pillage our lives and ignore
the will of the people *cannot ignore us any more.* Now, either they listen
to us or they stay naked of any “democratic” disguises may yet carry,
revealing their true nature and interests.

The next day brings *a further escalation of the confrontation* with the
creditors and their political gangs and we do not expect them to back down
easily. We know only too well that *we deal with conditions of a developing
economic and social war* and we have to fight fierce battles together. The
grassroots solidarity movement *already prepares for the next round of
resistance* in the difficult ground of imposed capital controls, financial
straggling, further recession and humanitarian crisis.

*We ask you now, more than ever, to stand by our side, by the side of the
Greek society by developing as soon as possible concrete and material
solidarity campaigns.*

*Donations and crowd funding campaigns* for food and medical aid, personal
hygiene goods, baby formula, diapers and stationary, are among the most
pressing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more
information and/or ideas.

The ability of Greek people to live with dignity is fundamental in order to
counter the enforced asphyxiation and maintain its courage and resistance.
Together *we can materialise the decisive NO of the Greek people as the big
YES*  was for a different society in another Europe.

*Solidarity for All *
*Tuesday, July 7, 2015 *
info at solidarity4all.gr
+30 210 3801921

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> "2. While speculating on the (very real) dangers that could flow from a
> grexit, he adds: "But above all, could the ingenuity and resourcefulness
> shown by the more than 400 Solidarity networks that blossomed in the course
> of the crisis really be quickly enough expanded and built upon to convert
> patterns of production and consumption on a broad enough scale to counter
> these negative developments?" YES! "
> If I didn't know you (at least by my  interactions) better, I would think
> you are being callous and dismissive of the Greek working people, Andrew.
> While my next question would unlikely hold much weight with me, I know that
> to many in the Trotskyist tradition it would at least give pause to
> consider, "Have you learned NOTHING from the ultraleft machinations of the
> ComIntern in the mid to late 1920's?"
> What evidence is there to suggest that "400 Solidiarty networks" will turn
> the tide of a class war in one country without the underlying resistance
> and mobilization (and, no, not of just one or two mass actions and strikes)
> of the workers and oppressed of that country?
> It is too early to tell whether the Syriza CC's rejection of the new
> memorandum reflects the thinking and organization of the Greek masses;
> perhaps only a bit early--we shall very soon see.
> In any case, it is the Greek people who are center stage and we must be
> willing to support and provide solidarity regardless what might happen
> here. However, it is NOT WISE to tell them,or  appear to tell them, to
> suffer what is likely to be great pain just because we "400 solidarity
> networks" are ready to stand with them--from afar--while they suffer the
> consequences.
> The truth is concrete and we will know that truth--at this
> conjucture--whether the Greek masses are going to rise in deliberate
> rebellion, now, or if people like Tsipiras are correct that this
> humiliating "deal" is the best not that the Greek workers "could expect"
> but that they have the energy and willingness, again at this moment, to
> accept.
> I remind us that it takes a LOT to make a revolution. Revolution is not a
> rebellion, not an insurrection, not just mobilization, and not just
> organization. Much more, it takes to a lot to make a socialist revolution.
> We have a few examples of revolutionary processes that resulted in some
> initial victories--the Commune, Soviet Union, China, and Cuba. That is the
> upside. The downside is that we ONLY have a few examples and ONLY of
> INITIAL victories.
> We will not make a revolution just with solidarity anymore than you can
> nationalize banks with just software!!!
> In short, let's give our Greek sisters and brothers a break. Let's see
> what they are willing to do. And, just as importantly, let's not excoriate
> their leftist leaders as traitors just because they reflected only what the
> Greek masses were, and are, willing to do.
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