[Marxism] Day of strikes and demonstrations in Greece, clashes with police in Syntagma Square

Celeste Murillo celeste.murillo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:56:49 MDT 2015

Full article:

This is the first general strike carried out during the Syriza government,
which is now facing numerous contradictions in order to justify this defeat
as the lesser of two evils. In fact, it is a truly colonialist pactwhich
includes pension reforms, and increase in taxes and social security
contributions, and a privatizations program which will include numerous
state assets, most notably among them, the Port of Pireo.

The Greek people gave a resounding "NO" (OXI) to the agreement proposed by
the Troika on July 5, but they also voted NO to austerity, to misery, and
to blackmail by the international financial institutions. However, Syriza
has only moderated its program since then in order to reach a deal with the
Troika, a strategy that has ended in absolute failure and profound

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