[Marxism] US/ 'The key is the organization of the supply-chains for fast food and the new retail stores'

Celeste Murillo celeste.murillo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:58:17 MDT 2015

Full interview:

The notion of the “precariat” as a social category with interests different
from the rest of the working class is both empirically and theoretically
problematic. First, it greatly exaggerates the degree to which a growing
number of workers are in insecure and temporary jobs, often part-time and
sometimes for employment agencies and other ‘non-traditional’ employers.

Contrary to what many believe, about 90% of all employed people in the US
work in traditional employer-employee arrangements, with 83% of those in
full-time work. US Bureau of Labour Statistics surveys done in 1995 and
2005 both showed that those working in ‘alternative arrangements’, such as
independent contractors or temporary agency workers, consistently compose
about 10% of the workforce. While the number of those working through
‘employment services’ soared from 1,512,000 in 1990 to 3,849,000 in 2000,
by 2010 their number had fallen to 2,717,000, a drop of 1,132,000. Even if
those in non-traditional jobs increase significantly as employers seek to
expand production without taking on permanent hires, they are certain to
remain a distinct minority.

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