[Marxism] Greece and the Left, the fight against Austerity continues through the EU, not for a ‘new Britain’.

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Greece and the Left, the fight against Austerity continues through the EU, not for a ‘new Britain’Extract.

Can I say by the way how useful and important I - and I'm sure many others - have found the Marxism List posts/links/discussions on Greece over the last weeks...

....The Greek crisis has been a 
perceived as proof that the ‘pro-European’ left has failed, largely by 
those who were already convinced that this is so.
Briefly basking in Syriza’s reflected glory they have now returned to their own political projects.

In France, apart from the 
anti-Euro and ‘Sovereigntist’  Front National, a minority of the Parti 
de Gauche (45%) voted at their recent conference for this as part of a 
general “Eurosceptic” line (Libération).  Their leader, Jean–Luc Mélenchon, has made frequent nationalist and anti-German remarks during the Greek crisis.

He said a few days ago,

“Pour la troisième fois dans l’histoire de l’Europe, l’obstination d’un gouvernement allemand est en train de détruire l’Europe”
For the third time in the History of Europe, the obstination of the German government is destroying Europe.

There is little doubt the same mood exists across Europe.

In Britain some see the Greek crisis as a sign to join in the campaign for the UK to leave the European Union.

This, Owen Jones dreams, (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/14/left-reject-eu-greece-eurosceptic) would
 ” focus on building a new Britain, one of workers’ rights, a genuine 
living wage, public ownership, industrial activism and tax justice. Such
 a populist campaign could help the left reconnect with working-class 
communities it lost touch with long ago.”

Unfortunately this option 
will appear on no Referendum Ballot paper, when, one assumes the 
believers in a New Britain will mark their slips in the same way as the 
‘populists’ of the far-right,  and hard-line anti-socialist economic 


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