[Marxism] Syntagma Sq., July 15, 2015. And now?

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Thu Jul 16 09:53:20 MDT 2015

Here are some videos from yesterday in Syntagma Square, sent to me by a 
friend in the Red Network. Aside from the difficulties that we all 
recognise, this statement from the Red Network (cited in Lee Sustar's 
piece included in a recent Marxmail post) cannot be dismissed by all who 
pinned their hearts and hopes to Syriza:

The Red Network, an alliance of socialist organizations that is a main
part of the Left Platform, declared in the text of a leaflet
distributed during the strikes and protests on Wednesday:

This new Memorandum essentially and practically overthrows the
government led by SYRIZA: programmatically, but also politically,
since it transforms SYRIZA into an austerity government with an
increasingly pro-austerity composition (more so after the removal of
left-wing cabinet ministers and the potential openings to the
austerity camp).





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