[Marxism] Socialist Alliance statement: Greece: This is a coup cancel the debt!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 17 06:16:16 MDT 2015

On 7/17/15 5:58 AM, Michael Karadjis via Marxism wrote:
> Greece: This is a coup cancel the debt!
> http://www.socialist-alliance.org/news/greece-coup-cancel-debt
> I think this is a very good statement: No holding back about what a
> monstrous, despicable document has been agreed to by the Syriza
> leadership, whata complete catastrophe the whole situation is, without
> feeling the necessity to damn Tsipras and co, virtually beaten into
> submission by the EU blood-suckers and presented with a choice between
> arsenic and cyanide, as "traitors."

In fact, at the risk of damaging their reputation by my endorsement, my 
views on Greece have largely been shaped by Socialist Alliance analysis 
and reporting, particularly from Dick Nichols.

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