[Marxism] From the Podemos hypothesis to the test of power

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 17 19:54:13 MDT 2015

On 7/17/15 9:41 PM, Celeste Murillo wrote:
> Last but not least, who wouldn’t want to have a revolutionary government
> in Argentina or elsewhere?

All this would be of interest if I hadn't such a thorough knowledge of 
Argentine sectarianism going back to the days when Carlos Petroni was on 
the Marxism list that preceded this one 19 years ago, and before that to 
1974 when I defended the PST against the PRT in faction fights. I've 
heard it all before. I expect that if I live to 140, I'll still be 
hearing it. Unless I die of ennui before that.

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